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Electronic Signature

GoSign, our signature solution, covers global requirements for electronic signature, find out the
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Electronic Signature

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Qualified Signature

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Anti-Money Laundering Act

We support our Clients to perform the Know Your Customer procedures during the onboarding process, according to the relevant Anti Money Laundering law

Financial Markets Anti-Money Laundering Act

The primary AML legislation in Austria is represented by the Financial Markets Anti-Money Laundering Act (Finanzmarkt-Geldwäschegesetz – “FM-GwG”), as amended, which requires financial institutions to implement a risk-based approach focused on a know-your-customer (KYC) assessment.

Online identification

The FM-GwG provides for different digital onboarding procedures, such as qualified trust services, electronic means of identification (e.g. ID Austria), or video identification in compliance with the Regulation of the Financial Market Authority on video-based online identification of customers (FMA über die videogestützte Online-Identifikation von Kunden – Federal Law Gazette II n. 5/2017).


We provide digital archiving services to preserve trustworthy, integrity and authenticity of your digital documents, ensuring their long-term access.

Austrian Commercial Code & Federal Fiscal Code

The relevant provisions for proper accounting and storage of electronic documents are provided by both the Austrian Commercial Code (“UGB”) and the Federal Fiscal Code (“BAO”).

Integrity, authenticity, legibility

Storage systems in compliance with the national legal framework shall guarantee integrity, authenticity and legibility of the electronic documents preserved therein.

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