RESCALE’s Revolutionizes Supply Chain Security with Secure-By-Design Approach thanks to collaboration of INFOCERT


INFOCERT is delighted to announce its participation in the groundbreaking European project RESCALE’s, an initiative aimed at revolutionizing supply chain management through a Secure By Design approach.

RESCALES is a project promoted by Horizon Europe, the next research and innovative programme by the EU.

InfoCert will take part in the project along with other major European companies and will be responsible for bringing all its Know How in Digital Trust technologies for electronic billing.


What are the goals of the RESCALE’s project?

RESCALE’s is setting out on a mission to redefine supply chain security by introducing a “secure-by-design” approach that promises to revolutionize the industry. With the goal of enhancing the security of supply chains, RESCALE’s innovative strategy comprises four key components:

  • Going to automate the evaluation processes of both software and hardware components. This automation will streamline and expedite the assessment of components, ensuring that potential vulnerabilities are identified and addressed swiftly.
  • Going to guarantee that third-party segments are free from vulnerabilities, eliminating potential weak points in the supply chain that could be exploited by cybercriminals.
  • Going to introduce effective audit procedures for cybersecurity testing, further solidifying the security of supply chains. These procedures will provide a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation of the security measures in place.
  • Going to make the construction of secure systems with the strongest possible guarantees. By systematically analyzing and extending hardware and software layers in a computing system, they will employ novel tools and methodologies at every step of the entire supply chain, from inception to delivery.

With this ambitious plan, RESCALE’s is going to transform the landscape of supply chain security, promising a new era of safety and dependability. This initiative reaffirms the commitment to protecting sensitive data and maintaining the integrity of supply chains in an increasingly interconnected world.

InfoCert is once again a leading player on the major European innovation fronts, reaffirming its commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions and fostering innovation.



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